A children’s book about the Father’s love

A friend asked me to go to India to speak to girls who had been rescued out of slavery in prostitution. I didn’t feel qualified to speak to them, but the Lord gave me this story of a little girl looking for who she was and where she belonged, to introduce the talk. Then I closed the talk with the bible verses included in the book. I felt stretched out of my comfort zone but I knew God’s spirit was living inside of me and that great things will happen if I only believe. The trip far exceeded my expectations. The girls surrounded me with tears of joy and hugs. They where so beautiful inside and out. If there is one thing I can say about this trip, I learned that God transforms darkness to light and death to life! As time goes by, the purposes and impact of this trip on my life will unfold. Each time I step out in faith I feel stronger and trust God more. In dying to self, you find yourself. In giving, you receive.
Many years after my trip to India, God put it on my heart to turn the story of this little girl into a children’s book. Little did I know, the trip to India would not only impact the girls I visited (and myself), but now many more children will get to hear about God’s love through Little Hannah’s story for years to come.